Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New School!

My new school is really a school of fish!  I am having a great time making my lampwork glass fish and setting them up in their new aquariums with copper kelp. It has only been two months since I started making them, but they have changed quite a bit since my first one that is shown in my previous post.

I started making the fish a little bit differently, adding more detail and making the eyes less "buggy", using really great glass & making them smaller.

The tall skinny aquariums are very popular because they are perfect for a desk or small area.

Then I started getting requests for larger aquariums with tops and sand.


My very latest is an aquarium has all the same color combination of fish. I also changed it up so that the kelp is glass instead of copper.  I also made the lid removeable instead of adhering it. It gives an option.   The sand is also not loose also.

Who knows what the next version will be!


  1. These are fabulous, Ann. Amazing detail and such beautiful colors! Well done.

    1. Thank you so much Tommye! I have had this idea swimming around in my head for a long time but it took a shove from a friend to make it happen the first time. Now, I am on a roll. After a few mishaps, I think I have the process figured out. They are so fun!
      I really appreciate your comment! Thanks. -Ann