Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Routine

Today is my first day of my routine for 2013.  Our daughter is back at college, our son is back in high school after Christmas break and I am ready to start my day!  November 1 was my first day for being a full time artist.  The first six weeks were crazy busy, filling orders, making things, etc.  Then Christmas, then New Years, taking down all the Christmas things, enjoying everyone home, now . . . . my new routine!

I am trying to get a schedule set up that will allow me to get all the things I want and need to get done, in a timely way.  Hummmm.  This may take some thinking!
cooking more,
eating better,
keeping up with some rental property,
creating new jewelry,
listing on my website & Etsy,
keeping my charms stocked,
making new charms,
making LOTs more aquariums,
making lampwork beads,
teaching knitting classes,
teaching jewelry making classes,
posting on my sometimes forgotten blog,
Maudies Facebook updates,
a little bit of twitter,
driving my soccer playing son to practice,
oh and I guess, cleaning and laundry. (you can tell where that falls on my priority list!

Organizational skills are not my strong point but somehow I seem to get it all done.  So I was going to try using a large calendar this year.  Specify certain days to do certain things.  Actually schedule exercise, time at my torch, paperwork & computer time, etc.  It all sounds good in theory doesn't it!
I really need some structure when I am super busy and since this is a quieter time for me, I am going to take advantage of it and plan out my month!

Wish me luck!

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