Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed In

Well today was all about SNOW! Over 12 inches. My husband got stuck in our driveway so we dug out and stayed home! I took full advantage of the time and completed 2 knit bags.

The rectangular one is a little different from my usual style. I used a pattern from "Great Knitted Gifts" and reworked it a little. I never done a pattern before and it was not near as difficult as I thought. My daughter has claimed this bag and I am very complimented that she wanted it at all!

The second bag was just a quick bag I knitted up in the round, lined it with jeans and added an old belt for the strap. Recycled recycle! Ann's Recycled Treasures!

Stay warm and safe!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick Crocheted Scarves

These scarves are a great way to use up your yarn stash and be as creative as you want with color & texture. They work up very quickly also. I am including instructions but be know that I am not a pattern writer and have a hard time myself following them, but I think I am up to writing these easy ones down.

I use 3 types of yarn, usually a plush thicker yarn for the center and working out into 2 finer yarns. I also use a large crochet hook so they are airy and not tight.

1. Make a loose chain as long as you would your scarf.

2. Single crochet the length of the chain, when you get to the end, continue around single crocheting along the other side of the chain stitches, completing a round.
3. Once you have completed both sides, switch to a different color & smaller yarn. This is were you start to get creative. For this round, double or triple crochet into each stitch, 2-3 times, depending upon your preference.

4. Once the second round is completed, change yarns to a fine soft yarn. (This is where the twisting starts to really shows). Single crochet into each stitch 3-5 times. Once you are back to the beginning, finish and hide your ends.

Each scarf is unique and depends on how much it curls on how many stitches are crocheted.

Another option is to single crochet the second round and on the third round, add 5 single crochets to each stitch. This gives a ruffle effect only to the edges with the full twisting.
I hope you like this.

Recycled Jewelry
Lampwork bead jewelry

Knit Handbag with recycled jeans as lining and straps

New Endeavor

I am new to the world of blogging, but finding it very inspirational. I am amazed by some of the creative people out there! I have always made things and worked with my hands. I can't remember when I didn't. I am so fortunate to be married to a great guy who indulges me in my creative endeavors. His mom is where I got the name of my business Maudies. Her middle name was Maude and she taught me how to knit. Here was something that I could take with me while I was waiting at soccer practices, viola lessons, carpools, anywhere. Well, I have been hooked from then on. Since I can't seem to keep my interests in one area, I got into making jewelry, which progressed into making lampwork beads. Now another interest is in progress~
When I was a kid, my father restored antique cars. At that time, to get parts for them, we would go to swap meets and flea markets. Those were not like most of them are now. The vendors had boxes of old rusty tattered & worn treasures! I thought I had found gold when I would find an old wooden box filled with old skeleton keys and who know what else! Recently I have run across some of my old treasures and they have rekindled that love of old & rusty again. I am transforming those now into little pieces of jewelry.

I thought this might be hard for me to write, but obviously it is not. I think this will be a wonderful journaling exercise. I am posting some of my creation and would love to know what you think.

Snow is supposed to be coming late tonight. It is dreary out and cold. Good day for knitting!