Monday, January 26, 2009

Recycled Jewelry
Lampwork bead jewelry

Knit Handbag with recycled jeans as lining and straps


  1. Maudie, I see you visited my blog and I'm putting you on my list. Your creations are creative,and colorful. Beading is something that I don't do but just HAD to try the fabric and paper ones. What fun! Your jewelry, beadwork and knitting is wonderful..
    I'm a watercolor and pencil artist but like you, creating takes you down a path to other things, and on and on. There never seems to be an end for me. I feel compelled to create. Better this addiction than another !!... If you scroll down my blog you'll see I'm fairly new to it also. And somehow managed to get into all sorts of artwork. Thank you for visiting my blog and I'll be back.

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  3. Ann, well now I don't feel so bad, sometimes my posts and pics don't go together. Theres a lot to learn, but it takes a lot away from 'creative time' . I noticed that even though I had put myself as a follower on your site , your name wasn't listed on my Blog List, so I figured it out and there you are!!! I found the knit book online and will be sending for it. Looks very interesting. Barbra joan