Sunday, March 13, 2011


I have been in an earring state of mind lately!  Here are a few that I am getting ready to list.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When will it be Spring?????

Okay, I am done with winter, cold weather and clouds.  This winter has been pretty hard on everything this year I think.  Tons of snow, more ice than I can remember and COLD!  Now the temperatures are slower rising but now we are having lots of rain.  Thankfully we have not had any personal water issues with flooding but I know that is not the case with so many people. 

My latest creations are a reflection of what I have been feeling!!!  These are some of the lampwork beads I made yesterday.

And I got in the mood to start some of my purses . . . . .

Or maybe two  . . . . . .

I am making one with stripes and one freeform. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Time to Consolidate!

Life is so hectic and busy for everyone these days and our family is no exception.  I have decided at least for one part of my life, I am going to consolidate!  Social media is such a great thing but WOW if can take up so much time and effort!  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs!!!  Phew!  I give up.  I am not doing them very well.  SO . . . . . .  . . . . . . my idea is to concentrate on my blog.  I have left this totally alone for a long time and it needs attention!  

I am so fortunate to have my jewelry in two shops.  One is Salon Noveaute in Plainfield Indiana,

and the other is Autumn Whispers in Mooresville, Indiana, 

I am also selling my lampwork beads on Etsy.  I am going to try Ebay too. 

I have been knitting a bit also.  My niece just had a baby and has a 4 year old daughter so I made the baby some knitted animals and the 4 year old a doll with a dress. 
Today is a day for creating! So off I go.