Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lampwork Giveaway Designs from the Winners!

The lampwork beads have been sent to the winners and now I have started receiving pictures of the beautiful jewelry the talented artists have made.

The talented jewelry designer from Ck Silver made these earrings  with her lampwork beads.  I really like the larger wire loop on the bottom.

You can find more of her sterling silver jewelry for anytime and anyplace at

This fabulous fob was created by TJB Designs.  Not only did she made the fob, she make her own tansels, yes you read that correctly, she makes her tansels!

You can find more of her work at         

The talented jewelry designer from MAB Jewelry made this pretty necklace and also posted a bit about my giveaway on her blog.

Her blog is
Check out her etsy shop and blog at

This necklace was created by the wonderful jewelry designer at CinLynn Boutique.  She has really showcased the beads.  Thanks and great job!


You can find more of her pretties at            

This "Rain Forest" necklace was created by the talented Weebeader.  I think she did a wonderful job with this!

You can find more of her lovely work at


These beautiful earrings are the work of Jennifer Lynn Studios.  She has done a lovely job of accenting the orange colors with the copper.

Find these and more of her designs at

This beautiful bracelet was created by the talented artist from Sister Jewelry.  She did a fabulous job of bringing out all the colors of these unusual beads.

You can find more of her designs

I will continue to post more designs as I receive them.  I am so impressed with the beautiful work these artists have created!


  1. Bev did a wonderful job!! I've been looking forward to seeing what others have done with their beads! I'm still a bit unsure about what I'm going to do, but it will come to me!

  2. Isn't it great to see what people have made from your gorgeous creations? I posted my finished necklace on my blog today. Thank you again so much.

  3. Today I also posted my necklace on my blog! I hope you like it!
    Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you again for such a great gift! I love how you have the creations posted..such beautiful write ups too! So thank you for that also! I enjoy seeing what others have created..and how the bead "talks" to them when designing. What a tribute to us all!