Friday, January 15, 2010

Hyperbolic Crochet

I have been introduced to a new technique (at least to me) called hyperbolic crochet. It is so fun and you get to create some wild looking things.  This is the link that explains all the background of this, complicated math stuff that I could not try to explain if my life depended on it!  We are going to have a hyperbolic coral reef display at the Indiana State Museum this fall.  A friend hooked me up with this group of crocheters who are making all the pieces that will make the display.  I am hooked on making these and I took some pictures of some of my fish.  I think they turned out pretty good.


  1. We are really excited that this project is coming to the Indiana State Museum. We think our visitors will love it too! Love the pics!

  2. Thanks. I am so glad that I will be able to be a small part of the project. I am looking forward to it!