Friday, April 30, 2010

What do you think about my Shoes?

Well I mentioned previously that I was asked to do something with some shoes.   I wasn't told what kind of shoes just that a friend was bringing some to me along with a picture of something she had seen.

At first, I was thinking regular shoes that you walk in.  I have seen people do me amazing work decorating a pair of pumps or totally transforming Converse.  That was not at all what I have been asked to use. 

Low and behold I was given a bag of HORSESHOES!     And this is my first decorated shoe!
This particular horseshoe is very old.  It came out of barn in Maine.  I have some newer ones that are smaller and I have some ideas for those which are a bit different from this one. 

Just goes to show you that ANYTHING can be changed into something new with some wire and beads!



  1. Hello Ann, well this is different thats for sure. See anything can be made pretty. Even a horses' shoe.!!! Barbra Joan

  2. Okay, that is fabulous! How innovative and wonderful. I love it.