Friday, February 26, 2010


Here are the bead sets that will be given away on Monday!
#1 (no longer available)

                                                    #2 (no longer available)
                                                      #3 (no longer available)

                                                        #4  (no longer available)                                           
                                                        #5 (no longer available)

                                                        #6 (no longer available)                                               

                                                      #7  (no longer available)

                                                       #8 (no longer available)

                                                     #10 (no longer available)
                                                      #11 (no longer available)

#12(no longer available)

                                                     #13 (no longer available)                                             

                                                      #14 (no longer available)

                                                        #15  (no longer available)                                               

                                                          #16 (no longer available)

                                                      #17  (no longer available)

                                                        #19 (no longer available)                                                

                                                         #20 (no longer available)

 Starting Monday, March 1, 8:00am Eastern time, these beads will be given away to 20 lucky people.  If you are a jewelry designer or artist or anyone who would like to use my beads in a creative way,  post a comment with the set number you would like and I will send them to you.  
The only thing I ask is that you send me a picture of what you have created with them within 60 days.  I will post the pictures on my website giving each artist credit for their work and their contact information.  

The beads will be given in the order of receipt of the comments.   I will post the recipients and the beads they will receive on the blog.  Once this is posted, I will have them send me an email with the address they would like the beads to be delivered to.   One set per person please.

I am doing this because I have been making jewelry for several years and recently have really gotten into  making lampwork beads and want to put all my focus into them.  So, I want to spread the word!  Right now my website is a work in progress so I have a few things at my  If you have an Etsy store, I will also post your creations in a gallery on my shop with your information.

For those of you that are not familiar with lampwork beads, they are glass beads which I make by melting glass onto a steel rod that is coated with a release. The beads are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for strength and durability.   Then cleaned of all bead release.  I hope to post a video of making a bead soon but unfortunately my video camera is not working at this time.  

Remember to check back on March 1st!!!!!  

Have a creative day!   Ann  


  1. Wow, it's very hard to select just one..they are all beautiful..#16..oh it's difficult..

  2. I've always loved lampwork beads and these are no exception, I would choose #7 to make something fun.

  3. This is very hard to decide! They are all so beautiful! I love #7 but it appears someone else already chose that one. Hmmmmm, let's about #15

  4. I also love #20....You choose please! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi! We'd love to go with #13 please. This is a great idea!

  6. I know what I will do with # 12 for sure..... love em! :) <3 Laurie

  7. Oh my I would make the most amazing earrings with these! #8 please!!!

  8. Would love #5 ..I already have the name picked!! Thank you!

  9. I love set #15. These are all so gorgeous, and how generous of you. Wow.

  10. I love set #1. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  11. Lampwork beads are so gorgeous, and you have some amazing sets. I LOVE the black & white of #17.

    Thank you!

  12. Beautiful blog and info about Twitter and WWES!
    Since I'm new to twitter I like reading this.
    Thank you and beautiful selection of talented work here .Take care ,Jasmina.

  13. Just saw this post, and it's not clear if I'm too late. If you still have #2 or even #4 available, I would be interested in making something with them. :)
    Thank you,
    Cindy (