Sunday, October 18, 2009

Starting New Year Early

Everyone has New Year's resolutions or at least they talk about them, most don't do much else with them, present company included. I have decided that I am not waiting until the new year to change the way I do some things. One of the things I am going to do is to post on my blog regularly, not every few months. Also I am going to make a few beads each day I am not at my day job, not doing tons once a week or so. I am going to make some jewelry each day I am not at my day job, instead of marathon creating.

Life gets kind of hairy sometimes and I feel that I am losing myself at times. Too many distractions. Ahhh, something shiny. . . . .Follow through has not been my strong point of my life, but I am going to change that. I see my son struggles with that also. Is it nature or nurture? Who knows, don't care, just need to work to resolve it.

Ok so to start off 3 things -- post every day, lampwork & jewelry each day when I am not working at the office. Sounds simple enough.

So today, blog-check, lampwork-check, jewelry-NEXT ON LIST!!!
Well now that I have kicked myself in the bum, I will share some things that are going on in my life.

We have a new addition to our family. It is yet another dog! Now we are up to 3 and have topped out on the animal limit. Daisy, the princess minature dauschund and Bentley, the proud pomeranian have a new roommate named Ducati (Duke, for short). We live close to the Indianapolis 500 and on the weekend of the Moto GP motorcycle race, my husband and kids found a stray 9 week old boxer puppy running around a busy intersection. They brought him home and we tried to find his owner for the week or so but none was found, so . . . . . needless to say, he is now part of our family. I do have to say he is the best puppy we have had so far. When we first got him at 9 weeks he weighed 16lbs, right now he is around 27 lbs at 15 weeks so he is on track to be a big boy!

These were taken right after he came to us. Sorry about the quality, they are a bit blurry. (my husband, the camera guy, would be appalled if he knew I was posting these!) Anyway, better ones to come when I download them to my computer. But this will give you an idea of our new beasty's precious face!

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